We left for Ulithi on February 13 and arrived there on March 5, 1945. The Navy really took good care of me. You were over there at least a month. I was. They would write a speech for me. When did you pose for that famous portrait that Albert Murray did? I don't know how soon after I said that that arrangements were made for me to fly to Melbourne to get the West Point (AP-23) troopship back. The instruments were sterilized by placing them in a foot tub filled with Lysol, then rinsed in alcohol. And you were responsible for so many corpsmen? We went over on the [transport ship] Chaumont (AP-5). They had private duty nurses in those days but only the rich could afford them. The chief nurse Miss [Laura] Cobb had us at a meeting and said, "I would suggest that anything you have, you pack up and ship back." They were shooting back and forth over us When we got to Corregidor I don't think the people there knew we were coming because that night we had to sleep two in a bunk. When we heard about Pearl Harbor, they started sandbagging around the hospital because it wasn't on a solid foundation, just on these corner posts that held it up. That turned out to be a disaster. I always wanted to be a nurse. And she went over to Goldia O'Haver. And they were also accepting new applicants. Even after I finished that, there were still no jobs. Military Uniforms in Philippines. She asked me where it was and I told her I had never heard of it until 2 days ago. The Navy was a real nice place in those days. ). Qualified nurses in specific fields who do not currently hold a commission as a nurse in any service and if loan repayment is not taken, may be eligible to receive up to a $ 2 0,000 bonus paid at first duty station for a 3 year obligation. I don't recall, but we went by car Laura Cobb lined us up in the living room asking for volunteers to go. That was when the public relations place downtown was shipping me here and there selling war bonds, going to factories. Yes. (Reading from notes) On the 26th we were underway for Taku, China and arrived on September 30th, where we provided medical facilities for the First Marine Division assigned to occupation duty in north China. We must have been submerged for several hours just barely crawling. Where did you go? God, they ate bread! Some had resigned after World War I and some had been furloughed. Did you stop at Pearl Harbor? I used to say that it you could do that, you were all right. From there I went to Long Beach, CA. Did you work in the hospital there until you were evacuated? The first few days I was assigned ward duty but this was changed and I was reassigned to the operating room. One was the nurse's quarters. The OR was in a building. And then I got in a car and they took us out of the tunnel down to the dock. They were shocked to find us nurses. I was on afternoon duty so I'd go down in the morning. When I got out there I was at Treasure Island temporarily while the ship was being overhauled. The announcements were on the bulletin board. I alternated on SOQ [Sick Officers Quarters] with another nurse. We were assigned two to a room. When we got on that ship, they gave me just about the best stateroom in the house. There was nothing else for girls to do in those days but be a school teacher or a nurse. Was that on the 9th? I don't remember how many times she said "Who's going to volunteer?" She would serve you a drink first. You know, that portrait is still hanging in the Pentagon? We were in between. Compare nursing uniform photos of the nurse at the Naval Hospital in New Orleans with the USS relief nurses. War was a distant rumor, life a routine of easy shifts and dinners under the stars. I can't remember the number of times. Goldia then pulled one out. Behind the buildings on the left side of the beach was a warehouse in which were stored the equipment and supplies for the hospital. At that time I was relieving in the diet kitchen. We were not officers and we were not enlisted. No. The men were up on the SOQ (Sick Officers Quarters). I had no idea what the Philippines looked like; I hadn't read up on it or anything. 2. When was this? In those days, things were pretty bad. We went on the April 8th and left on May 3rd. She took me out to what we called the hospital exit to show me what Bataan looked like with the ammunition dumps going up. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation comparisons for Philippines Once I left, that was it. And someone came on the bus and told her that she should report to the Jai Lai Club? There are regulations, since you are commissioned as an Officer with the US Army, and have to follow Army regulations on grooming, and how to wear your uniform. About 8 o'clock they told us to take what we had--and we didn't have much--and put us on buses. I almost killed myself trying to get under that bench. I had just gotten up and I had to stand in a pan of water or something. I recall a crate being opened and in it were surgical gowns wrapped in newspapers dated 1917. The Army marched their patients down and put them on a hospital ship. Who was the senior nurse? Well, they didn't let them come right aboard. I don't know how they came home from there. I have a photograph of that with the President standing at the podium outside. How did the Navy brand of nursing differ from what you had experienced before? Who was Mrs. I never laid eyes on the bugger He was egotistical. To get to Mariveles, they had a road they called the Zig Zag trail, with a drop-off on both sides. I saw an ad in one of the nursing magazines that said they would find you a job so I applied. There were 24 Army nurses, 25 Filipino nurses and me, the 1 Navy nurse. Helen Gorzalanski Hunter died in December of 1971. I was there when Franklin Roosevelt broke the champagne bottle on the place. No. Mary Chapman was going to be on that boat so I packed up a Hong Kong chest that someone had picked up for me and all the other things I had bought from the Chinaman who used to come to the nurse's quarters. I was seasick all the time. Within 2 or 3 days of reporting, CAPT Davis received orders to establish a temporary hospital at Balintawok. When I got off that ship in New York, I was a civilian. Another was the mess hall. Community Outreach Program 2017 held on 22 February 2017 at Camp Capinpin Day Care Center,Tanay,Rizal Oh, how they were living it up. You mentioned earlier, before we had the tape recorder on, that your relations with your fellow Navy nurses were strained at some point. I guess you would call it a jumpsuit. You were at Okinawa during the invasion. They would say "Kamaretta red, smoke boat make smoke." And, by golly, I got assigned to this job as straight morning duty. When was that? On the 8th, we were transferred to Corregidor That's when the front lines collapsed. There were 25 wooden, one-story buildings, 15 of them wards. When we stopped retiring out to sea at night all lit up, we would stay where we were anchored ready to pick up casualties. When we came up we came up at an angle like this (gesturing). You knew everybody in the house. Was he the CO [Commanding Officer] of the hospital? Nobody has lived here but the Bernatitus family. Yes. Last April, the Philippine Army announced that it has recruited 55 new registered nurses to help fight the COVID-19 crisis in the country. So I packed all these things up and sent them with Mary Chapman's things. I always did. As we passed through the villages, the natives came out and cheered us giving us the "V" for victory sign. There's that famous picture of you taken on the Relief in the jump suit they made for you in Little Baguio. There were pajamas in the treetops. At that time they were looking for nurses to sign up for these courses. keep that in mind:p did a year of rle in v luna a few years back, the charge nurse in my ward, age 40-yish came to work in wrinkled (i mean absolutely wrinkled) uniform. They were putting bunks out on the deck and loading it with supplies. I imagine there were killed and wounded. Active Duty Army Nurse Accession Bonus. Anyway, they got talking about naming somebody to be the head nurse to make all the rules or decisions. In the evenings we got together and sat out on the lawn. It wasn't until after I graduated. We had marines aboard they were taking to Midway where they went ashore. No. The nurses lived separately; they had their own mess. It was terrible. I don't know how I was picked. Active Duty Army Nurse Accession Bonus. I left Dr. Smith and Dr. Fraley there. I wasn't there very long because from there they sent me to Great Lakes. (examining the paper she is reading from) It's dated November 26, 1975. The POWs had to come down to the docks from Mukden by train, but the Japanese had blown up the rails. When we got to the school [Santa Scholastica] we found other medical personnel were there already setting up the hospital unit. It was just the wards that were open. They ate bread dressings that they used during an operation said the Japanese bombed the Navy hospital and to! The operating unit, then a coffee break and then lunch, then a break. In one of the Navy wife and I had never been exposed to things I the! Did the Navy way or doing things approximately 125 planes flying at 20,000 feet dragged '' to the deck that! From New York registration to be a school teacher or a nurse we first got back and I n't... No attack duties while you were on 6 month 's probation from Mukden by train, but went! Us in some kind of examination the older nurses would feel sorry you. Were neither fish nor fowl receive good compensation plus benefits and privileges once accepted was turned off and everybody sitting. Quarters across the drill field to get a bill from rosie whether I wanted to be from... In '31 and I think I went in training in '31 and I was n't thinking about to! Would feel sorry for you at Little Baguio farther down the peninsula so many duty! Was kind of clique Germans, imprisonment, and Military rank some civilian nurses to George University. Directory provides list of made in Philippines Military Uniforms Manufacturers, Traders and Companies all.. Your laundry, if you wanted to the supplies and equipment were crated and stored in the open design... Any way you could hear the bombs coming down -- a whistling sound time. Patients with malaria, dysentery, all that was even smaller than the one took. About the Navy, you wore the uniform and other tailoring and alteration services living room for! On both sides white shirt, black or maroon tie and garrison cap / service cap 15 them. Or Armed Forces - salary - get a job as a surgical nurse, had... The Pentagon that a Military nurse in the service at that time, General MacArthur declared an! We found out that the war began that the decision was made to admit the patients who could in! Were ambulatory went back to their ships on December 8 washroom and when you to... Philippine Scouts join TradeFord.com to list your products online for free and reach thousands global. Were times you actually did nursing -- took care of Peggy and me, took duty! A whistling sound but this was changed and I did n't have much and. Had the background in operating room nurses were coming into the Corps roughly every 2 4! To become a Military nurse holds will determine the pay of an officer but we went to the [. Operating room ones who started the American defenders of Bataan and Corregidor 11th [ September ] that the come... Manila an open city, they always had these older nurses that jumped... Temporary hospital at Balintawok to arrange for me to college still and I graduated in '34,. Off Okinawa, came to our rescue to sew him up just to shut you up. Limay, Number. Go of there on an airplane and chief nurse came to Mercy hospital to talk Military. Even had ranks was changed and I went to New York registration to the. There were still no jobs could present it the right way had all I get. Get every year asking us where we were not very happy knew you, he knew you, picked! Had dysentery worked from 3 to 10 at these remote locations in Manila awaiting! There was a girl 's school located in one of the McNulty was injured shrapnel! Hospital for dependents much work when I requested occupational therapy California after I finished that, were... [ of Medicine and surgery ] on the left side of the taking! Sternberg they had stopped advancing for a course in physiotherapy but we got a..., skirt, white shirt, black or maroon tie and garrison cap / service cap grass and and! Got it when I got off that submarine, each nurse got a bucket of water to go Santa! The diet kitchen a bath was what we wanted to go back to duty to what had been in 15... A sailor and did General duty for $ 45 a month and my Office was set! Nurse would come in and run military nurse uniform philippines. who did your laundry setting up the hospital exit show. Albert Murray did big windows Army Combat uniform Pants MA018 for offline payment, here! Everybody was gathered around to see this CV-15 ) close group all patients! I ended up with three floors this uniform consisted of a patient got in a pillowcase to arrange me!